finding balance

Our finding balance moderation management program is a basic level of treatment offered to those who are seeking to control.

what is moderation management?

Depression, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed can contribute to OP as a way to cope. The Finding Balance Program is a moderation treatment plan for qualified candidates. It’s a basic level of treatment for individuals designed to help them explore whether their use of substances could potentially be a problem that may need to be addressed.

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iWILL 'til iRECOVER is the most experienced online recovery program.

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iWILL 'til iRECOVER's programs were designed to be online whereas other programs are still adapting to the new normal of life online.

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With online support groups, you don't have to worry about the stigma of seeking out help for a loved one. Fight addiction from your home.

the iWILL 'til iRECOVER finding balance moderation program

We provide the right tools to enable you to successfully make an honest self-assessment of your substance use utilizing education and homework. Our online program consists of a full assessment by a counselor, setting weekly goals, learning coping skills with group and individual sessions.

getting started with finding balance is simple, and here’s how it works

step 1
start the conversation

Speak with a counselor who understands the struggle with drugs.

step 2
tell us about you

They’ll get to know you, your needs, and determine if iWILL 'til iRECOVER’s IOP is right for you.

step 3
begin treatment

We will work with you and come up with a plan you can start today.

commonly asked questions​

Intensive Outpatient Program is for people who:

1. Do not need medically-supervised stabilization (detox), do not have severely acute mental health comorbidities, and can commit to a program at the IOP level of care.

2. Cannot attend residential inpatient rehab due to work obligations, child care, lack of transportation, disability/mobility challenges, and other reasons but still would benefit from an intense substance use disorder treatment program. A broad study performed in 2014 found that IOP is as effective as inpatient treatment for most individuals.


An intensive outpatient program is also referred to as partial hospitalization because of the time commitment it requires.

Additionally, intensive outpatient programs are for people who:

Have graduated residential inpatient rehab and will use IOP to maintain a lot of structure and support groups as they integrate back into the world.

SUD treatment is professional psychology, provided by licensed therapists who hold degrees at the Master and PhD levels. SUD treatment follows the best practices of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and is highly structured. It is classified as a “brief intervention” because the average length of treatment is several weeks, followed by aftercare.

Mutual self-help groups, which include the 12 Step traditions, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and alternatives including Iwilltillirecover’s CommUnity meetings, are led by peers at various levels and with various amounts of time in recovery. Depending on the group, the meeting may be very structured or less structured. Social connectedness has been shown to improve brain health by promoting the production of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which creates new neurons and repairs damaged neurons and glial cells. In contrast to SUD treatment, mutual self-help group participation can last a lifetime and provides ongoing social support. Typically, there is no charge to attend mutual self-help groups, though donations are accepted.

Online IOP is as effective as in-person, so it is a matter of preference. Iwilltillirecover clients get help from the privacy of home – or wherever they can access a secure Internet connection. Iwilltillirecover treatment schedules fit into clients’ busy lives, rather than the other way around. Because Iwilltillirecover therapists live in every time U.S. zone, clients can choose the time of day and days of week that make sense for them.


One of the problems that a lot of patients have with intensive outpatient programs is that it is often impossible for them to make their groups on time every time. For example, a patient can have weird hours at work that change from week-to-week, but if they miss their sessions at IOP, they will be discharged from the program. If the person is court-ordered to attend IOP, that can create legal hardships and violations.

Getting started is easy. Caring and educated addiction treatment counselors are available and ready to help!

Get in touch with a Iwilltillirecover admissions counselor today to learn more about your personal options for substance abuse treatment. Call us at 800.258.6550, or fill out a form or live-chat with us at

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    Lower intensity online recovery care, recommended step-down from IOP.

    Finding Balance

    Moderation management for people trying to control their substance use.

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    Counseling for loved ones of people struggling with substance abuse.


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