About our recovery programs

Knowledge is strength

It takes a lot of experience to provide high-touch addiction treatment online. Our providers have years of experience in recovery and treating patients with Opioid Use Disorder. With best-practice treatment, experienced addiction counselors, and internet technology, we help people everywhere.

Personalized plans to suit your needs

You get treatment that’s unique to you. Following a complete assessment, you will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Affordable care

We have affordable plans that will fit your budget.

Mobile recovery tools

With iWILL ’til iRECOVER, everything is online. Keep in touch with your recovery team and see all your progress on any device with our live video conference and mobile app. It’s easy, secure, and high definition.

Convenient and private video communication

iWILL ’til iRECOVER’s mobile app that lets you monitor your recovery through daily support exercises. You’ll use it to chart your journey and keep track of your progress. Get encouraged by your therapy group and share your progress.

"I didn’t feel foggy from all of the taper meds. I just felt clear."

- Eliza